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Debonair Dirtbags is a Post-Americana Rock group, headed up by

Jon 'Bubon' Robbins. DD has a rotating cast of heavy hitting musicians from all over the United States hailing from areas as near as Atlanta and New Orleans and as far as Anchorage Alaska. 

The core consists of Sean Patrick and Andrew Saden holding down the rhythm section -Bass and Drums respectively- while songwriter Jon Robbins leads the vocals, guitar, keys, and occasionally some other instruments will sneak their way in.

Debonair Dirtbags have finished production of their first Ep. entirely self produced, with a guarantee that no two songs sound the same. The first Single off the EP 'got 2 go' drops 2/21 (mardi gras day) followed by 'Smoke me' on 4/20, and the full Ep being released 5/9.

Debonair Dirtbags find themselves in the unique situation of living in a time when Art is extremely necessary for the sanity and survival of many people, however it is unfortunately also undervalued. The goal of Jon Robbins and DD is to create a multi-faceted experience; one that is modern and extremely accessible to the listener/viewer but also challenges the audience to not only feel something in the moment, but perhaps question the way we view our day to day lives, ALL WHILE staying true to the culture and music that came before. It's a grandiose goal, perhaps even arrogant (especially for those who have spent so much time wallowing in the dirt), but Jon with the support of his bandmates feels it's "important to dream". Debonair Dirtbags are taking a multi-media approach to this goal, using their music as the basis for, music videos, other visual art, and eventually film. When discussing it Jon Robbins stated it is important to make sure the art says something, "most of it can be light-hearted and fun - I enjoy a party as much as the next guy- but you want to say something in your art, and you hope you can say something of substance"

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